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Up to the year 1980, only few items like levy sugar, controlled edible oils, rice, wheat and controlled cloth were being distributed under the Public Distribution System. At present we are making available more than 28 items such as free sale sugar, atta, rice, kerosene oil, non-controlled cloth, non-controlled edible oils, iodised salt, exercise books, pulses, washing soap, toilet soap, tea, cement, G.I. Sheets, match boxes, LPG and Medicines etc.
1. Levy Sugar 1. Edible Oils / Ghee 1. Tooth Paste
2. Wheat Atta 2. Non-Controlled Cloth 2. Milk Powder
3. Wheat 3. Liquefied Petroleum Gas 3. Room Heaters
4. Rice 4. Iodised Salt 4.LPG Equipments
5. Kerosene Oil 5. Exercise Books 5. Tyre & Tubes
6. Pulses 6. Pulses  
7.Edible Oils 7. Tea Leaves
8. Iodized Salt 8. Washing Soaps
  9. Toilet Soaps
10. Match Boxes
11. Cement
12. Washing Powder
13. Medicines
14. C.G.I. Sheets
Primary Function: is of a ' Central Procurement Agency ' for all the controlled & non-controlled essential commodities.
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